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Saghuro Digital founded in 2018 in Nepal provides IT and Managed Services throughout worldwide. We maintain a far-reaching network by techhnicians and developers who are highly experiences,proficient, and availableto work. Our core strengths are years of technical and operational experience and our internal processes which leverage our best-of-breed technology. Our Goal is to be "FLAWLESS" in the eyes of our customers and deliver a true world-class IT support and Services. We are technologist but our focus is on our customers and businesses. We understand that you want your IT problems resolved quickly, effectively and at reasonable cost, so that you can focus on your business and not your IT problems. We bring peace of mind and security to management and operation of IT assets for their entire life-cyle. Our strategic intellectual property includes its flagship application reveal, speck an innovative and integrated modular Enterprise software for trading Industry.

We help your Business to Next Level.

Information technology or the IT division is a critical piece of any ogranization of business as they screen and oversee nearly all that is to do with information and correspondense framworks. IT in business is , at last, to assist the business with being more effective and useful. It has various jobs including but not restricted to:

  • Assisting the ogranizaion with being more useful, time=cash
  • Enhancing business execution
  • Shielding information and investing
  • Setting aside the business cash
  • Further developing client experienc, fulfillment, and correspondance
  • Smoothing out correspindence frameoworks
  • Upgrading administrative navigation
  • Assisting the business with extending internationally
  • Giving staff admittance to organization data

State-of-the-art file sorting & processing technology

We developed a unique information technology solution that provides new file sorting algorithms.

Team Members

Better design
Better business

We know that good design means good business.

Saghuro Digital is responsible to provide a broad
spectrum of support for the development,
planning, and integration of state-art-End-User
Computing infrastructure, and serves to support
the information technology needs for business

What Do You Want to Do Today

Saghuro Digital is a measurable IT solutions company, responsible to provide every kind of IT support and services targeted from smale scale business to large scale.

Web Designing

100+ Responsive Templates

Network Security

5+ Specialists

Managed IT Service

Server, Managed Network

Web Hosting


Media Buying

Netflix,Amazon Prime,...

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Finance, Marketing, Jurisprudence and Business Economy are our directions.

  • Jan — 50% companies

  • Feb — 35% companies

  • Mar — 85% companies

  • Apr — 65% companies

  • May — 50% companies

  • Jun — 95% companies

  • Jul — 35% companies

  • Aug — 55% companies

  • Sep — 50% companies

  • Oct — 75% companies

  • Nov — 65% companies

  • Dec — 75% companies

Best Management Skills

IT services play a vital role in the daily routine of a modern company. Regardless of what they are, everything regarding IT is critical for the success of a company relying on tech in some way.

But what kind of IT services are there? Well, it’s a big question with a bigger answer. There are all sorts of IT services suiting a variety of needs, different for each enterprise.

We hope our breakdown gives you a general idea of what you can expect, and we encourage you to seek potential options if your business is struggling to find adequate resolutions to different IT problems.


Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Developer




Finance Head

Abhinit Kayastha

System and Network Specialist


CTO(Chief Technology Officer)

Samir Pandey

Customer Service Manager

Suresh Dhital

Finance Director

Ramun Nepal

Project Leader

Rishi Shrestha

Hardware Specialist

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